Cardano-Whiz (Ticker: WHIZ)

We are running this stake pool to support the Cardano eco-system. We believe in Cardano long term.

If you HODL ADA, our recommendation is to move it to your hardware wallet and stake it using the Yoroi wallet application

There are some exchanges that will stake for you, but this is NOT recommended. Having your ADA live on an exchange is dangerous as there is no way to get them back if the exchange is hacked.

Staking with your funds on a hardware wallet on the other hand is completely safe. No one can touch your ADA, not even the stake pool have access to them.

We are producing some relevant guides for all things related to Cardano. Please have a look in our Guides section

If you want to help us grow and be part of something exciting then please use the ticker symbol WHIZ when you stake. We just got started and need to grow. We want to get to a size where we can start to produce blocks and you can earn rewards on your ADA.